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MultiCyt QBeads: The Multiplexed Screening Solution for Secreted Proteins

Proteins secreted by cells are involved in cell signaling and signal transduction. Aberrant production and/or dysfunctional signaling is implicated in virtually all diseases. The detection and quantification of secreted proteins provides key information for researchers in therapeutic areas ranging from cancer and immunology to aging and regeneration.

MultiCyt® QBeads PlexScreen is a family of reagents that use immunochemistry to capture specific secreted proteins on distinct bead types. This enables multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes, growth factors and receptors. QBeads have been developed for use exclusively with the IntelliCyt instrument technology. Together they provide an integrated screening solution that is especially applicable to therapeutic areas like immunology, toxicology and oncology.

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Currently available methods to analyze secreted proteins suffer from very limited multiplexing capability, a lack of throughput, a requirement of complex assay protocols, or are expensive for screening applications. QBeads addresses these shortcomings to deliver a better screening solution.

Secreted Proteins Detected by QBeads

Human Secreted Protein

Chemokine TNF Interleukin
CCL2 (MCP-1) sCD154 (sCD40 Ligand) IL-1a IL-10
CCL3 (MIP1α) CD178 (Fas Ligand) IL-1β IL-11
CCL4 (MIP-1β) TNF (TNFα) IL-2 IL-12 (IL-23p40)
CCL11 (Eotaxin)   IL-4 IL-13
CD14   IL-5 IL-17A
CXCL9 (MIG)   IL-6 IL-17F
CXCL10 (IP-10)   IL-7 IL-21
CXCL11 (I-TAC)   IL-8 IFN-α
CX3CL1 (Fractalkine)   IL-9 IFN-ϒ
Receptor Adhesion Molecule Growth Factor Enzyme
CD121a (IL-1 RI) CD54 (ICAM-1) Angiogenin Granzyme A
CD121b (IL-1 RII) CD62E (E-Selectin) Basic FGF Granzyme B
TNFRI CD62L (L-Selectin) CSF2 (GM-CSF)  
TNFRII CD62P (P-Selectin) CSF3 (G-CSF)  
  CD106 (VCAM-1) VEGF  

Mouse Secreted Protein

Chemokine TNF Interleukin
CCL2 (MCP-1) TNF (TNFα). IL-1α IL-12/IL-23 (p40)
CCL3 (MIP-1α)   IL-1Β IL-12 (p70)
CCL4 (MIP-1Β)   IL-2 IL-13
CXCL1 (KC;GROα)   IL-4 IL-17F
CXCL9 (MIG)   IL-5 IL-21
    IL-6 IL-23 (p19/p40)
    IL-9 IFN-γ
Growth Factor Adhesion Molecules
CSF2 (GM-CSF) CD62E (E-Selectin)
CSF3 (G-CSF) CD62L (L-Selectin)

Rat Secreted Protein

Interleukin TNF
IL-1α TNF (TNFα)


QBeads no-wash assays are easy. Screening with this integrated solution uniquely allows for a no-wash protocol, greatly accelerating the screening rate and productivity of your lab. The simple "Add, Add, Read" screening protocol is exquisitely easy. Even the single wash "characterization" protocol which maximizes sensitivity, is simpler than any competitive option.


QBeads are better together. Multiplex up to 30 analytes in a single well. Do you want to measure more than 30 analytes? Treat a single plate, transfer a portion of your supernatants to 2 assay plates, and add different QBeads to either plate.

QBeads are fast. Typical read time for a 384-well plate of QBeads is 20 minutes. Compare this to 60 minutes or more for all other commercialized bead assays. Read the two plates of QBeads described above in less time than it takes to read one plate on another platform. QBeads read at the same fast rate too, regardless of your plex size.

QBeads are economical. The typical read volume of only 1 μL allows for smaller assay volumes than any other bead-based screening method, which lends itself to the use of higher density microplates, and the flexibility to re-read wells for confirmation of unexpected results.

QBeads kits are all custom built. Our Assay Builder allows you to select precisely the analytes you want to monitor, chosen from the list provided below. Get real-time pricing while you build your kit. If you need a large quantity of QBeads, contact your sales rep for special discounted pricing.

QBeads and cells together. Both cells and QBeads can be analyzed in the same sample because they are easily distinguished based on their scatter characteristics, providing better biological content. Learn more.


High-Throughput Multi-Analyte Secretome Screening: Monitoring Immune Function by Detecting Secreted Cytokines

Robbie Narang, R&D Scientist, IntelliCyt Corporation
Scott Perschke, Product Manager, Reagents, IntelliCyt Corporation
November 21, 2013, 38 minutes


Secretome Screening with QBeads

Scott Perschke, Product Manager, IntelliCyt, 24 minutes
Presented March 27, 2014


Visit www.intellicyt.com/assay-builder today and build your custom QBeads kit. Expect delivery in 8-10 days. Let us know what you think at qbeads@intellicyt.com.